Pastor Joe

gray_brownThis guy, Pastor Joe Thompson – showed me Jesus. He loved life. He was real, his faith was infectious. He could be dead serious about his faith one minute, and then make you laugh the next – but in both ways, encouraged you to follow Christ.

I met Christ because the Holy Spirit lived in his family. His home was the sweetest place on earth. His family, to this day, are some of the sweetest, Holy Spirit filled people I’ve ever met. His son Jason invited me to his house after enduring (but he never said a word about it) heavily cranked heavy metal music (hehehe) in my car on the way to Friday night Chess club. Their family and home was filled with the fruit of the Holy Spirit – and before I left,Terrie (Mrs. Thompson) handed me a Gospel tract with the Gospel!

God, please say Hello to Pastor Joe for me. And THANK YOU for sending his real, Spirit-filled family my way. You put the responsibility of delivering the Gospel, by life example, and by Word of God, in the very best possible hands. Spirit-filled, old fashioned, but didn’t look down their noses at a long-haired, heavy metal cranking, immature 80’s geek. These “old-fashioned” Christians were “old-fashioned” in all the great ways, and none of the bad ones. Real, Spirit-filled.

I can still smell that old church.Hahahah. I can still hear the singing, and preaching. But more than that? I KNOW the Spirit I felt in that church!

This life’s purpose: To find salvation. To enter the narrow way through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ! IT IS FINISHED! You don’t have to fix anything, you don’t have to reform – you receive the gift of eternal life and forgiveness from the One who died on the Cross for your sins! He then takes you off the broad road and places you on the narrow road that ends at eternity in Heaven! And the rest? Lay up treasures in heaven that NO MAN can take away! When you die, everything else on this earth dies with you, but your soul remains! Make sure it’s headed to the Creator’s House! “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life!”