Play guitar, in a WEEK


You, yes YOU, can learn the guitar and be playing 100s of songs in a week (or less) in two easy steps.

Two easy steps:

1)  Learn “Bluegrass G”, “Bluegrass C”, and Major-D Chord. (They are the three major chords in the key of G). I’ve enclosed pictures of the three chords and their fingering diagrams. Play and strum these three chords until you can go between them very quickly. These three chords are chosen because they are easy to learn and will get you started very quickly. Get where you can move back and forth between these chords while strumming. It may take you two days, it may take a week – but keep at it. This is the hard part – and it will be “oh so worth it!” After you’ve memorized these three chords with your left hand and can strum while moving between them, you are ready for step 2.

2)  Go to a web site like Ultimate Guitar and find three chord songs. You will be surprised how many songs only require three chords. Find a song you know that only requires these three chords, transpose it to the key of G, and PLAY! You will be surprised how easy you are able to strum these songs out once you’ve done the “leg work” of learning the left hand chording. You will have available, with these three chords, and some transposing (easy to do on the Ultimate Guitar website), 100s of songs. You will fall in love with playing your guitar and will then be more apt and able to learn more advanced guitar playing techniques. You will fall in love with your guitar and spend hours of rewarding time with it.

So, go get started! Within a week of practicing…you will be playing songs!

*Note on chord chart:

1)  Strings with an X over them are not played.
2)  Strings with an O are played with nothing pressed.
3)  I included the Em because it will easily add more songs to your “opening” repertoire as well as being a very easy chord to play.


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