Never. Ever. Forever. Selah.

I used to have a recurring dream.

Before I talk about that, can I ask you something? Am I the only one who dreams a) in only black and white, and b) as if I’m looking through a camera. I can never see as much as I want to see. I can’t look around and see what I want to see. There is no exploration only a guided tour that, until my mind figures out I’m dreaming, is a tour without escape. Is this everyone’s dream experience or just mine?

Anyway, I have a recurring dream. Make that two recurring dreams.

The first one? It’s a TRAP! I got over it as a teenager. Had to. Very embarrassing. Again, it’s a TRAP! It begins with your body having to use the bathroom. But, for some reason, every now and again, instead of waking you up, as in most times, it decides “Hey, let’s play a little mind game!”

Instantly, you start dreaming about using the bathroom. The first time, you are completely fooled:  You walk into your mind’s fake bathroom and, in my first attempt, I may or may not have used the “facilities”. When the dream happens again, you are prepared. Though, having talked to many about this “dream”, apparently, it isn’t always defeated the second time around. Anyway, I’m glad to know I’m not alone in this one. Kind of like:  Hey, this smells horrible – check it out! Hey, no one likes to be alone in that kind of experience!

The second one? The scenario is the same. I’m punching or kicking someone or some thing and they aren’t budging. I keep punching, and punching, and punching. Until I feel so frustrated and angry, and downright defeated that I could make no headway on the person or object, that I wake up.

When I met the Lord Jesus Christ, in August of 1989, this dream went away for some time. Suddenly, nothing was impossible. I was in love with the Creator of the Universe. There was no impossible with Him. My first Pastor and Church were heaven on earth to me. Then, I went to Bible College. I went to four, exactly. Fortunately, they got better each time. But, the first college I went to, was enough to take a formerly religious fella who met Jesus and was loving his Creator and turn him back into a defeated religious man, who thought he had to earn the favor of His Creator.

It didn’t take long.

Let me explain. I already didn’t like myself. When I met Christ, I met the Creator of the Universe. He loved me. And, He actually LIKES me! All my faults, all my failures. All the times I caused Him pain by mistreating others, and He still wanted me. All the kids I bullied in school (to raise my hurt ego after being bullied myself). Anger, hatred, strife. All of it known…and forgiven by the Creator of the Universe. I didn’t like myself very much – but He did. And He does. And always did.

(**Side Thought:  Why is it, that we receive Christ by GRACE but are so easily pushed back into keeping the Law? Is it any wonder God gave us the wonderful gift of the book of Galatians?**)

Long story short:  I didn’t need anyone to remind me of how sinful I was, I needed them to tell me that I could take down the immovable object. Not by myself, but through Christ.

The impossible object was victory in my life. My sin was ever present. No matter how I tried to “fix’ myself, I could never “fix” myself. I spent many a night, before I met Christ, saying “Lord, please don’t send me to Hell…” It took the Lord Jesus Christ, what He did on the Cross, and believing He loved me and would save me – after reading the Gospel, Christ did the impossible in my life:  Gave me eternal life and made me a part of His Family!

At first, the “immovable object” dream represented my sin, faults and failures that were permanent and I couldn’t “fix” without Christ. After Christ gave me eternal life, that dream began to represent my inability to be relevant to the world. I believed I would never make a difference for God. I knew I wasn’t capable.

But, I sure tried. “Bible” college convinced me I would never be good enough to serve Christ. It took a guy on fire for God and His Love, telling everyone about it, and turned him back to an old dream that convinced him he could never do anything about reaching the world for Christ.

I didn’t need more bashing of myself. I needed to be pointed to Christ-likeness. Not comparisons to the world’s failures but the encouragement that is:  Through Christ, you can positively effect the world and make a difference!

Because, the facts are these:  You and I can make a difference. Often, it may feel as though our relevance for eternity and for reaching others, is just like my dream. No matter what we do, nothing is ever going to change. But, they can. Through Christ, they can.

Victory for the Christian is impossible – except for Christ. How will your physical flesh affect a battle that must be fought spiritually? Only through the Spirit of God. Only by surrender to use by the Holy Spirit. We have nothing to offer Him but our willingness – He must, and will, do everything else!

Does my “immovable object”/”impossible situation” dream still happen? Yes. It reminds me how fragile I am, in the light of eternity, without Christ.

It reminds me that there are things in His Creation that I have absolutely no ability to change – and that this finite man needs an infinite God.

Want to be relevant, truly eternally relevant, surrender to His Purpose and Power. Don’t spend your life, as I have spent much of mine, trying to be relevant for God, without being willing to trust where the Spirit leads me, without letting Him have control of your life.

Never, Ever becomes For Ever, Eternal.


He that hath the Son hath life; and he that hath not the Son of God hath not life.

These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; that ye may know that ye have eternal life, and that ye may believe on the name of the Son of God.

*I John 5:12 and 5:13

Selah! Selah!

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