What up, Playa?


Hey girls! Playas are boys, not men. 🙂

I’m not going to say a guy can’t have friends who are girls… but if his Facebook page has more single girls (not related to him, that aren’t part of his church or family) than he does guy friends…he’s a PLAYA!

Don’t hook yourself to a PLAYA – be about the MEN, not the boys! You ain’t got time or need for the heartbreak it will take for the boy to grow up!

If you think that you are “so hot” that you will convince him to be a man just so he can keep you…you are playing right into his faults and into your own heartbreak. The only place a bad boy changes his way for the “hot girl” is in movies.

In reality, once he’s got you in bed, he’ll be back in his black book.

Take care of yourselves ladies. Only SERIOUS MEN need apply to be your SIGNIFICANT OTHER! You are way too beautiful and way too deserving of the very best than to settle for less than serious! You are wonderfully made—live and choose as the valuable soul you are!

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